About Us

Lily Locksmith is a very reliable locksmith company in Portland and nearby places. We have lots and lots of experience doing locksmith stuff. People in our town really like us because we are very trustworthy and don’t cost too much. We can help with houses, stores, and cars! For houses, We can change locks, fix locks, and even help if you’re stuck outside. And for stores, We can do fancy things like master keys and keeping places safe. If you’re ever in a big hurry, We can help with emergencies too! Lily Locksmith is the best!

What Is Lily Locksmith All About?

At Lily Locksmith, we are a safe and trusted locksmith team. We don’t just unlock doors and make keys; we focus on keeping you secure. Everyone should feel safe at home or work. We became locksmiths because we saw people facing danger due to fake locksmiths. We wanted to help by being honest and affordable. Now, we have many stores and a great reputation for our work. Your safety matters to us!

Lily Locksmith is all you need for all of your locksmith needs!

If you ever get stuck outside your house or car and can’t get in, or if you want to know more about locks and keys, you can call us anytime. Our friendly locksmith experts are here to help. They can answer your questions and suggest the right service for you. Whether it’s an emergency or you want to make an appointment, just give us a call. We’re here to assist you whenever you need it.

Locksmith Service Beyond Expected

When you call Lily Locksmith, we make sure to get all the important information from you so that our locksmith can come to help you. We will send a special locksmith who is certified to your place. Usually, you won’t have to wait long – it’s about 20 minutes. We really care about your time, so you don’t have to waste it searching for the best and most affordable locksmith service because you’ve already found it with us!

Our workers are very careful. We get checked a lot, and we even look at their personalities to make sure we are really good in business. We only hire the absolute best locksmiths out there! So when you choose us, you can be sure that the locksmith coming to help you will be friendly, professional, honest, and reliable. If our locksmith sees that your problem is harder than we first thought, we will talk to you about what to do before we start working. We won’t surprise you with extra charges! You can trust Lily Locksmith with your car, home, or office. We promise you’ll be happy with our service!