Lily Locksmith offers commercial locksmith services and complete commercial security solutions. We make sure your belongings and workers stay safe. You trust us to protect what’s important to you. We work with both big and small companies. We believe you deserve the best security. We have the best products and support.

We focus on commercial locksmith services. We do access control systems, door hardware, video cameras, automatic doors, and more. We make sure your security systems work together well. We keep up with new technology to give you great service and the latest security solutions. We install and take care of security systems to keep them working. We don’t only help with locks and security for your doors. We also have CCTV cameras. These cameras help you watch your property. You can see if anyone tries to break in.

Reasonable Commercial Locksmith Services

We have a locksmith service in Portland. We do lots of helpful things regarding your commercial locks and keys. We can make keys for your door of commercial belongings. We help in emergencies when you’re locked out. We can make extra keys for you. We can change your locks so they work with a new key. We can make a special key that opens many locks. We can make it so only certain people can get in a place. We can open safes and change the code. We can put up cameras to watch things. We do a lot to help you. We use the very good stuff and it’s not too expensive.

Panic Bar Installations

Lily Locksmith can put in panic bars for emergencies. Panic bars are important for quick exits during emergencies. Our team knows how to install, fix, and change panic bars for different doors. We can help you pick the right panic bar to follow fire safety rules and make sure it works well in emergencies. We’ll install it in the right place to make things easier for you. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with panic bar installation!

Access Control Systems

Our company is really good at putting in and fixing access control systems. We know a lot about it, and we can make sure your business stays safe. We use really good stuff to make sure your system works right. If something’s wrong, our team can find out what it is and fix it fast. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we know what we’re doing. You can trust us to put in your system right and make sure it works for a long time. Call us today if you want to keep your business safe!

High-Security Locks

Security is super important for businesses and offices. At Lily Locksmith, we make sure your office stays safe. Our special locks and stuff keep bad people out but let good people in. We also do lots of locksmith things to help you stay safe. If you need new locks, fix old ones, or make extra keys, we can do it fast and good. We have great stuff, a team that’s ready all the time, and smart workers. You can count on us. In Portland, our locksmiths are the best. Call us now to learn more about what we can do to keep you safe!